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Who can apply?

Current domestic customers of npower (the account holder - person / persons named on the bill) who are in need, hardship or other distress can apply to the npower Energy Fund.

If the account holder is unable to make the application for a grant, please explain why someone else is doing so on his or her behalf. The account holder must still sign the form.

Evidence that the applicant is a customer of npower is required, for example, a copy of a recent bill (less than 3 months old).

Are you eligible for help from any other Trusts or Funds?

Charis Grants administers a number of other utility Trusts and Funds in addition to the npower Energy Fund. By signing the npower Energy Fund application form an applicant gives their consent to be considered for funding from any other of these trusts / funds - click here for more information. The Trusts / Funds operate within a 'shared programme of giving' with a common application form and assessment process. All relevant information needs to be provided to allow for assessment under each Trust / Fund, as detailed in their application forms.