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The Trust

The aim of the npower Energy Fund is to help domestic customers of npower who are experiencing hardship and struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills regain a hold on their finances and become financially stable with the ability to meet future bills.

The npower Energy Fund offers grants to domestic customers of npower to clear gas and/or electricity arrears if the client first demonstrates their commitment to achieving financial stability by making regular payments over a three month period for ongoing usage.

Grants are awarded to allow customers of npower to take control of their finances by clearing their household energy debts and helping them meet their future bills.

The Fund receives donations from npower and the day to day administration is undertaken by Charis Let's Talk.

The Fund operates a three month Provisional Award Scheme. This means that in order to receive an award, an applicant must first demonstrate their commitment to achieving financial sustainability by making payments for their current usage. Following notification of a provisional award the applicant will need to contact npower to agree an affordable payment scheme, discuss the tariffs available and any other energy efficiency advice and support required. In the three months following an offer of an award, the client must make regular payments covering their usage. Whilst they do this, any debt they have is suspended. If they make sufficient payments, the award is confirmed and the debt is cleared. If the client makes insufficient payments, the award is withdrawn and the debt, together with any further arrears accrued over the three months remains.

The Fund recommends all applicants seek money advice before applying, to help negotiate with any other creditors and maximise welfare benefits and income.