Application Process

To be considered for a grant from the npower Energy Fund, you must fill in an online application form. This section guides you through the process, provides useful information, and shows you where you can get additional advice.

Apply For A Grant

The easiest way for an individual to apply is via the Trust’s online application form

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Application Process Overview

Who Can Apply

Current domestic customers of npower (the account holder - person / persons named on the bill) who are in need, hardship or other distress can apply to the npower Energy Fund.

If the account holder is unable to make the application for a grant, there is the option for someone else to complete it on their behalf.

Evidence that the applicant is a customer of npower will be sought from npower.

Are you eligible for help from any other Trusts or Funds

Charis administrates a number of other utility Trusts and Funds in addition to the npower Energy Fund. By submitting the npower Energy Fund application form an applicant gives their consent to be considered for funding from any other of these trusts / funds. The Trusts / Funds operate within a 'shared programme of giving' with a common application form and assessment process. All relevant information needs to be provided to allow for assessment under each Trust / Fund, as detailed in their application forms.

What help can I get?

The Fund can help you with debts of domestic gas / electricity charges owed to npower.

On your application form you must explain the complete history of how and why a particular debt has arisen, how long you have had problems paying the bill and any particular hardship in your household.

How to Apply

The quickest way of applying is by completing and submitting our online application form by clicking here.

On receipt of the application we will provide an email acknowledgement. You are able to attach scanned documents or photos of evidence to your online form which will hasten the assessment of your application. These can be added when you submit your application or by post it to us at FREEPOST NPOWER ENERGY FUND.

Supporting documentation

Please note we cannot begin to assess your application until all the necessary supporting evidence which is set out on the submit page of the application form.

If you have difficulty

If you think you might have difficulty in completing the application form, a local advice centre, such as a Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), may be able to help you fill it in. Click here to find your nearest CAB.